Our client was a US manufacturer of security appliances. He is specialised on firewalls, secure access gateways and Email security appliances. He is providing an extended technical support and training to his client in multiple languages.

We have been hired to translate the knowledge base of the company. Its main function is to reduce the load on the first level requests. It is used and maintened The company needed a partner that can translate the knowledge base and improve its tags to optimize the search functions.

The documents had to be translated into German, French, Dutch, English and Spanish. We have assembled a team of one translator per language, specialised on IT documentation. We especially elaborated a validation process with the technical support team to ensure that the transition to the new translated knowledge base went as smoothly as possible.

The process

  • Set up of the translator team

  • Preparation of data to translated

  • Translation of the data

  • Proofreading

  • Feedback and validation from the client.

  • Delivery of the translations