We worked for an online shop selling photovoltaic equipment for private customers. The systems are in the form of a kit to be installed. The basic package consists of a solar panel and its micro-inverter. The customer can then choose the type of mounting system (wall, roof or floor), batteries and the diverter to distribute the energy produced by the panels in their home.

Our client was looking for a team of translators able to translate his online shop and all the marketing communication (blog, news letter, video) into several languages (German, French, English, Spanish, Italian).
The content to be translated was as follows:

  • Translation of all product sheets and the site navigation interface.
  • Translation of technical data sheets and assembly manuals.
  • Translation of blog articles and the news letter.
  • Programming the chat bot in several languages.

We set up 2 teams of 2 translators per language with experience in online stores and mounting manuals. Each translator proofread each other work. This allow to optimize the proofreading time and push the quality of the translation forward. The first team was in charge of translating the mounting manuals, the second team was responsible for translating the e-commerce site. As the customer’s marketing campaign was planned 6 months in advance, we proposed to the customer to use a ticket system. This system allows the client:

  • To prioritize the translated documents.
  • To give a clear tracking of the translation process.
  • To give detailed specifications on the style to be chosen for the translation of texts used in the blog and news letter.

The process

  • Set up of the translator team

  • Preparation of data to translated

  • Translation of the data

  • Proofreading

  • Feedback and validation from the client.

  • Delivery of the translations