Our client is a German manufacturer of hybrid digital/analogue synthesizer. He is providing sound generators for Professional and semi-professional sound studios. His technology can also be found in many products of renowned competitors.

We were hired to translate the website and the online store.The website was developed with a custom framework supporting the download interface of the shop. The were looking for a partner who can work in close collaboration with developing team to ensure a smooth integration of the translations for the new shop.

The website and the user manual had to be translated In French, Spanish, English and Japanese. We set up two teams of translators in the different language combination. One team for the website and one team for the user manuals.

We proposed to the client to translate the website in several steps. First the hardware products and then the software products. In collaboration with the marketing team We developed a template for the product pages. The text was separated in different chunks. It allowed an optimal collaboration between the marketing team who could make all the las minute adjustments they wanted, the translators, and the developing team responsible for the integration of the translations on the web page.

The process

  • Set up of the translator team

  • Preparation of data to translated

  • Translation of the data

  • Proofreading

  • Feedback and validation from the client.

  • Delivery of the translations