Our mission.

We founded Clemtransaltion to empower specialised companies to easily reach across language barriers and fulfill their global potential. Traditional translation agencies promise a reduction of costs through a tight management of a pool of selected translators. We provide powerful translations that will enhance your sales.

Why Clemtranslation?

Our translators are well-versed in various specific industries. For each translation project, we set up custom-made team with the necessary language combinations and the practical experience in your industry.

Our way of translating has been inspired by the concept of quality at the source. It is a manufacturing principle which defines that quality is not only measured at the end of the production line but at every step of the production process. In  practice, this involves:

  • Checking the source text for linguistic weaknesses and proposing some adjustments if needed.
  • Translating and proofreading is always made by the same tandem of translators.
  • We keep you informed about the linguistic issues we encounter during the translation process and let you make the final last choice for the version which suits you best to you.

From your first consultation to the delivery of your translations, our process keeps you focused on your milestones. We set up a custom-made-team for your project. Working in close collaboration with your marketing, sales and engineer teams, we integrate your content production process in a transparent and efficient way. We will be an extension of your team.