Translations made by Clemtranslation

We deliver translations in all language combinations.

We are specialised in technical documentation, software localization, online stores and corporate websites. We are mostly working for highly specialised companies active in high value niche sectors like forestry engines, traditional Austrian costumes (Trachten), ceramic glazes, wood heating boiler, wine makers, gastronomic restaurants and much more…

Our added value is our efficient way of working.

One thing is certain: every client and every problem requires a unique approach. Nevertheless, we adopted a general workflow process which allows us to ensure the best results for our clients:

The first step of a good translation is a good source text. To ensure a high quality translation we read the source text thoroughly and if needed we propose some adjustments to it.

For each project we set up a team of 2 translators per language with experience in your industry. In this translator tandem, the translators proofread each other’s work. This allows them to optimize the proofreading time and increases the quality of the translation.

Many of us work remotely, but we are in touch with each other constantly. Throughout the years we have developed a strong project management system. At Clemtranslation the entire workflow is managed by our self-hosted nextcloud system. It synchronises all the texts between the translators and the proofreaders. It also host several applications (messaging, chat, calendar, task board and contacts) to ensure successful management and delivery of projects.

A language is not a fixed code. During the translation process there are always sentences, which cannot be translated word by word. The translator then need to compose a equivalent sentence. Before, delivering the translation we send you a detailed report about the linguistic issues we have encountered. Then we integrate your feedback on this report in the translation.