Clemtranslation provides translations to and from French – German – Dutch – English and Polish.
Based in Alsace (Strasbourg), we are working with German, Dutch and Belgian companies active in the field of energy, industry, health care, textile and web marketing.

  • Software localization

    We work in close collaboration with your programmers’ team delivering the translation directly in the code during the development process.

  • Printed documents

    We use all the needed desktop publishing software to deliver ready for print documents.

  • E-commerce website

    We deliver a full range of translations for e-shops. We work in close collaboration with our clients’ marketing departments.

List of long term projects

WEBEDIAOnline publisher FRANCE

Localization of free to play online games
FR­>DE / 235 000 Words

KRJSTFashion designer and creative studio BELBIUM

Legal documents (exclusivity rights, subcontractors' contracts) and technical sheets (patterns).
EN>FR / 200 051 Words

REZO­PLANTBamboo plantation FRANCE

Legal documents (exclusivity rights) and the catalogue
FR­>DE / FR-> EN / 130 022 Words


Localization of the E­-shop
DE->FR / DE->EN / 180 301 Words


Coporate documents, contracts, medical articles
EN­>FR / DE­>FR / DE­>EN / 155 742 Words

SMARMATICelectronic voting machines THE NETHERLANDS

Software localization for the voting machine in
DE­>FR / 30 000 Words

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    67130 Solbach France

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